2004 story

Lamin in 2002

DX-pedition starts on March 29 until April 5 2004

This is Mr. Lamin Cham who helped me this time to get te same room in the Senegambia Beach Hotel as I had the last time. He used to work in this hotel but now he has changed his job and works in an office.  He also arranged the meeting with Mr. Cita Ceesay this time who handles the license.

Lamin in 2004

Mr. Sita Ceesay

T-antenna for 160

I will try to make this antenna for 160 by adding some length to the dipoles of my G5RV and make it resonant on 160 meters. I hope this will work and that I still can use it as a G5RV with a tuner without shortening the dipoles.

Unfortunately the 160 m antenna did not tune properly. And as my tuner only covers 28 - 3,6 Mhz it could not be used. I tried it at home and it worked ok then, but it was murphy’s law again this time I guess......

We allmost did not make it to The Gambia

This time we were very lucky that we could take the picture of Mr. Sita Ceesay. The reason is that we allmost missed our plane. In short the story is as follows. As we are living about 200 Kms from Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport and we had to be at the airport at 05:00 in the morning (2 hours before take off), we had to leave our home at 03:00. Friends of us should bring us to the airport and so we left at 03:00 hours. But after 1 hour drive the car broke down and there we were in the middle of the night. Well to make a long story short we decided to take the train. Remember that the plane should leave at 07:35. Our train arrived at the airport at 07:05. Well I can tell you that I never have runned so fast with my suitcase of 20 Kg, my Laptop, and my aluminum case with the FT-100, the tuner and the power supply in it. As the ceck-in was closed we had to carry this stuff all the way to the boarding gate which was about a 3 km walk. Normaly it takes you about 15 minutes to do this but we did it in about 10 minutes (including security check and passport control). So when we arrived at the gate our suitcases went in the plane, the doors were closed and 5 minutes later we had the take offf to our destination Banjul.

My logging software.

The topband loop.....

Some of the staff were very helpfull again

Some funny visitors

Same equippment as in 2002 except for the laptop which has now a soundcard.

Probably the most famous animal in The Gambia